About Us: A different kind of talent company.

Experis is a specialized brand dedicated to professional resourcing in the fields of IT, engineering and finance which has been providing services to Malaysian businesses for over 20 years.

More than ever, gaining competitive advantage and generating success depend on having the best experience and expertise in place in your organization. That’s what Experis delivers. Going further than a typical professional services company, we connect you to both highly-skilled professionals and best-practice project solutions to address your challenges, accelerate your initiatives and help you seize opportunity. It’s a powerful combination creating endless possibilities.

We are a trusted business advisor that provides highly skilled professionals and project solutions that accelerates business growth.  We offer deep experience and expertise in attaining specific in-demand skills and forward looking thought leadership in the changing world of work.
We can work with you locally, nationally, globally or virtually to provide you with short-term contractors, permanent employees or project solutions. We employ a unique methodology to identify competences and proven selection tools to find candidates. We create solutions that let them develop professionally and enable growth for our clients' businesses.
At Experis, we understand that every technology can be bought, so the real value in business is human potential and talent. Our company has been created to reach the best people and develop solutions to tap their full potential. We want to share our knowledge with you and support your human resources management needs.